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Quadro Mixed media - Tutorial

Cut out the shapes you will use

Cut shapes of the sewing machine, paste over one another

Look at the volume . 
Here I pasted 5 times

Front view in this photo

Age using
Brushed Corduroy

Use the same procedure outlined in the assembly of the sewing machine to assemble the table, pasting several pieces over one another. You will stick the back of the table in the box. 
The feet I painted with rust patina reagente and topped with old gold patina color

As table clothe I used an old antique crochet, but could have been a tissue, an income or even a paper. Use creativity 

Paste the sewing machine on the table. 
The result is this

The bottom of the box was dirty with plaster and aged with Distress INK -  Brushed Corduroy and in front I used sheets dictionary dyed in tea 

Glue the sheets improperly and after completely dried sand the edges to remove burrs

I used cut machine to cut the forms, and them I used the base to mark the background

The details of ornament will be on account of your

In two opposite corners glued pieces of lace ruffles with hot glue

To the dummy we used the same process of the sewing machine and the table  pasting various shapes on top of one another. To make the skirt I adapted an old crochet heritage of my Aunt Nana

In the opposite corner, I used leftover jewelery, ribbon and scissors die cut paper

Some other details at the bottom corner

Here it is

I hope you like and that´s inspire you

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